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Clean & Co

Deliverable: Disinfectant Service Company
Type: Branding Business

Clean & Co is a disinfection service that helps homeowners clean their houses anytime. Especially during the Covid-19 situation where we can help eliminate the virus in their homes. Unlike other disinfection services, we use eco enzymes instead of regular chemicals, since eco enzymes can reduce pollutants in wastewater. So not only do we clean and provide safety for our customers, we are also eco-friendly.

I provide the illustrations and animations, logo and branding design credits goes to my team. I am the Head of Creative & Curriculum in the company. Credits to Vania as the CEO, Sugiansyah as the Head of Finance & Marketing, Juan as the Head of Human Resource, and Huan Huan as the Head of Sales & Marketing.

clean & co storyboard.jpg
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