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Mind The Culture Gap

Deliverable: Augmented Reality Animation
Type: Experiment Creative Practise

Our narrative revolves around the theme of being newcomers to the vibrant city of London. We sought to interweave diverse experiences, encapsulating them through the lens of individual characters that embody the essence of our collective journey. This approach allowed us to craft multiple narratives that converge into a cohesive exploration of our shared experiences.
Initially conceived as an installation, our creative process evolved, leading us to venture into the realm of Augmented Reality (AR).


Spearheaded by the animation prowess of Zhihan, Audrey, and Koko, complemented by the editing and AR expertise of Dee, we crafted an immersive storytelling experience. Our innovative idea involves placing the lock image of the region within a garden space, inviting viewers to scan it and witness our stories come to life.

Below are the animations and character designs I created in this collaborative project.

Credits to Zhihan for developing the final idea of humans growing out of the ground.

• Director: Sudeeksha Annachhatre
• Animator/Characters: Maria Audrey, Zhihan, Koko, Sudeeksha Annachhatre
• AR: Sudeeksha Annachhatre
• Sounds: Zhihan, Audience interaction
• Editing: Sudeeksha Annachhatre, Maria Audrey
• Filming: Maria Audrey

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